Teeth that are diseased or infected need to be extracted before they cause further damage to the supporting bone of the jaw or the overall health of the patient. Extractions can be very simple to complex depending upon the condition of the tooth, it's location and the general health of the patient. Extraction of an erupted tooth in a healthy patient is a relatively simple, trouble free procedure which heals in a few days to a few weeks.

While most extractions can be done in our office, there are some conditions which are more complicated and referral to an oral surgeon may be recommended.

Wisdom Teeth

The third molar in each corner of the mouth is commonly referred to as a wisdom tooth. They usually erupt into the mouth during the late teenage years or shortly thereafter. An impacted wisdom tooth is any wisdom tooth that does not erupt into its proper position. It can be fully or partially erupted, or completely under the gum. Wisdom teeth often need to be extracted to prevent infections, pressure on the adjacent teeth and in rare instances, cysts.

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